U6/U8 Program Objectives

Ball Mastery

By the end of U8s, players should be more comfortable with the ball, and be able to achieve most of the following:

Walk and run slowly (dribble) while keeping the ball close and STOP on demand
Maneuver successfully around marker cones with both feet
Move within a crowded grid while using their eyes to avoid collisions
Foundation taps / Shuffles between feet
Sole Taps/Roll, moving forward and backward
Inside & outside cut with one foot

Speed/Stamina/Balance & Coordination

By the end of U8s, players should show improved concentration and reaction speed in the different practice activities and games played:

Improved reaction speed
Increased ability to concentrate
Quicker with and without the ball
Ability to play until called off by coach
Improved Balance (Movement knowledge) including:
    Stand/hop on one leg at a time
    Jump off two feet
    Forward rolls (be safe)


By the end of U8s, players should be able to:

Kick /Shoot the ball (at least 5yd) with left and right foot
Shoot mainly with the instep, rather than the toe or inside of the foot
Kick the ball through a target gate from 5yd with some consistency
Strike a ball rolling towards them
Lift the ball (a little bit) into the air as they shoot

Small Sided Games

By the end of U8s, players should be able to:

Understand the basics of a game – attacking a goal, defending the other
Play 2v2 with some examples of passing to a teammate
Understand the basic shapes of soccer
    3 players = Triangle
    4 players = Diamond
Restart the game after a foul or ball going out of play
    Corner Kick
    Goal Kick
    Indirect Kick


By the end of U8s, players should show improvement in the following “life-skills” that will help with learning and socialization, on and off the field:

Ability to focus attention on the coaches when they explain an activity
Understanding a drill/game set up and rules
Stamina: the ability to keep going until the end of a drill or game
Communicating with other players
Cooperation with other players
Understanding of the basics of healthy eating
Enthusiasm for soccer!