Head/Assistant Coach Registration

Firstly, We appreciate your willingness to volunteer and help our communities youth!

ANYONE (returning or new) wishing to coach MUST register annually.

Coaches must apply and be selected to coach for Rancho Soccer Club on a seasonal basis. Although teams will often stay together year to year, there is no guarantee that coaches or rosters remain the same. It is expected that there are fewer teams and therefore coaches as players age.

Coaches have no claim upon any players other than their own children. However friend, coach, previous team, and neighborhood requests are taken into consideration when forming teams.

Please be aware that in cases where more head coaches apply than there are teams, each applicant’s coaching experience will be reviewed and the best applicant agreed upon by the manager, registrar, and/or coaching coordinator. The other candidates may be asked to serve as assistant coaches.

During registration you will need to provide a valid drivers license number, sign/accept a background check waiver, coaching code of conduct waiver, and submit previous coaching and working experience with youth as applicable.

You will also need to upload a recent photo (no sunglasses or hats).

If you are a returning Rancho Cordova coach, you are not required to be re-fingerprinted. The information stays on file for 20 years.

If you are new to the club please visit the fingerprinting section under the “Coaches” tab for full information. The club will try to have fingerprinting available at the coaches meeting, but coaches are ultimately responsible for making sure they visit an approved office.

No coaches or assistant coaches can be on the practice field or games until they pass background check and fingerprinting.